понедельник, 17 июня 2013 г.

About night time


I am familiar with that feeling when you just can’t sleep for a long time and on the next day feel yourself absolutely shattered. I know why it happens, but still have such problems from time to time. Having a lot of thoughts in my head can cause sleep problems. Other causes are watching an exciting movie, playing computer games, internet surfing and coding. The cure here is to wake up early and to go sleep early, to stop any exciting activities and to relax before going to bed.

I’m a heavy sleeper therefore I can’t be wide awoken by any noises. But the downside here is that on occasion I don’t hear my alarm clock. After a bad sleep night I can doze off in the bus when I’m on my way to work. Once I’ve had a sleep paralysis. It is the condition when your brain is awake and your body is still sleeping. It is a terrible feeling. In this state you can see ghosts, hear strange noises and feel touch.

I had nightmares when I was a child because I watched horror movies and was very impressionable. The most wonderful dream that I have ever had is flying dream. Now I don’t have many dreams. Maybe because I don’t get enough sleep or don’t have much impressions of my current life.

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